Ansar Supersound Capacitors

Specialised in designing and producing the highest quality components for use in a variety of high end audio equipment. The stringent quality control and attention to detail in the manufacture of these types of component is essential for the demanding requirements of the Audio industry.

Many companies claim to have audio grade components, but these are rarely more than a standard product that they have re-labelled to sell to a different industry. Suppression Devices has worked closely with many of the UK’s top audio companies and designers to produce the ranges of components that you see here. Materials and production techniques have been selected for their acousic characteristics without compromise. This close co-operation with companies and designers continues, in order to develop new ideas and new components.

Hovever, whist polypropylene is ideal for quality audio capacitors, it is a superb material for high voltage capacitors with which we design and manufacture to customer’s specific requirements. Such products include motor start, motor run, “x” and “y” suppression components, 500 VAC capacitors for three phase applications, “flat-pack” and lead-through capacitors.

All of our capacitors are, of course self healing, and can withstand transient “spikes” and voltage surges. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any service.

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Showing all 6 results